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The Business Rundown: Branding and advertising with Krunch.Co

“We’ve got key capabilities around data and technology – marketing and advertising technology platforms – we bring that all to life with a new view on what content looks like. It’s content that genuinely engages people and supports path to purchase conversion.”

Kirkland says when you start looking at the data that humans generate whether that’s online or offline, you can generate some really good data-driven insights.

“From a marketing perspective when you boil it all down, you’re still looking for that insight to connect…I think that’s where a lot of organisations go wrong with data and technology is they forget there’s always still a human on the other end of everything having an experience.”

A small example of the work krunch.co does across a range of leading companies is around the process of automating  customer onboarding experiences. Typical internal process involve a lot of manual work and costly resource, and the experience by way of content and creative doesn’t leverage the data opportunities or genuinely engage.

Krunch.co executes a current-state analysis looking at the data about what that customer journey should look like.

“Then we use a human-centered design approach to  define a vision and future state, mapping out the multi-channel customer experiences are, building those into marketing automation and then using trigger signals and letting the journey run.”

He says the great thing about the new process is that because its data driven when a new customer joins the system it creates a record of marketing data, and then everything from that point can be fully automated.

“The marketing function become looking at data and making sure they are optimising the experience for the best outcome as opposed to launching another campaign.”

Kirkland says a number of clients the company works with are focused on transforming their marketing capabilities.

“They’re looking at developing  the new technology and data capability and skill sets required, so we end up working closely around the people process and culture aspect of the organisation.”

He says krunch.co is the combination of a consultancy and an advertising agency.

“We have strengths on both sides, it’s a new breed of agency of what businesses around New Zealand are looking for – really good transformation strategy and digital thought leadership bolted to a new class of capability engine.”

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