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One Percent Collective shows how easy it is to give up some of your income

One Percent Collective is a Wellington-based charity that provides a donation platform for people to donate one percent of their paycheck directly to the 11 charities it supports. 

Founded by Pat Shepherd five years ago, the Collective has now raised more than $950,000 to the charities with the help of nearly 500 participants. 

The latest ad follows Mike, who doesn’t put 100 percent into anything. He was born asleep, and spent his childhood watching others play swingball. As an adult he could barely muster the energy to get dressed – until he met Mandy, a woman with similar expectations about energy levels. 

Created by Louis Sutherland and Sweetshop, the charity’s latest campaign aims to prove just how easy it is to slot the One Percent Collective into your lives. 

Shepherd says as a small charity with a tiny marketing budget, the latest campaign needed to be something eye-catching, to drum up awareness for the One Percent Collective. 

“In order to supercharge the number of donors in the Collective, we needed something really special to get attention, and this video is just absolute gold for achieving that. 

“We also think saving the world should be a fun and positive thing, and using a little humour to inspire positive change in the world is a great way to inspire people to act.”

Sutherland says the process of creating the campaign was refreshing. 

“Having heard about the One Percent Collective team, I knew they would come into the project full of trust too, and if they liked the idea, they’d let me make it. 

“I wanted to make something fun, that didn’t take itself too seriously and was a bit more irreverent than what you typically see.”

The campaign was a truly global effort. Sutherland enlisted the help of London-based copywriter Naz Nazli and the idea was formed while they were in the United States. 

Sutherland felt it was important to stay away from a standard ‘donate now’ ad because people have become desensitised to them. 

“By intellectualising this film and by making the story more meaningful on different levels, we found a spark in the human language of comedy. Hopefully it makes it all that more memorable and fulfilling for the viewers.”

This was originally published on StopPress.

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