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Powered by the sun: Assembly and Sunergise create a solar-powered ad

The launch was spearheaded with the solar powered film, which is airing on TV in the UK. The concept and animation were created on computers powered by solar energy. 

The 15.6 kW system at Assembly, comprising of 60 solar panels, was installed especially for the campaign, conceived by a creative team at Colenso BBDO’s Auckland office, which is also powered by a 56kW Sunergise solar PV system.

Sunergise director Nick Worthington is also creative chairman for Colenso BBDO.

Sunergise provides full-service solar power systems for businesses and governments in New Zealand.

Sunergise chief executive Paul Makumbe says the unique initiative shows the exciting future for solar power. 

“It was an absolute privilege and joy to work with the Assembly and Colenso teams in creating a solution that demonstrated not only the effectiveness as an energy source, but more importantly to do so at a lower cost than the normal grid prices showed that the time for the switch to renewables is now.”

Assembly head of production Helen Naulls says Assembly is the first studio in New Zealand to supplement power from the grid with energy from the sun.

“As an industry, we’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and installing these panels is a great first step towards that.”

This innovative campaign is a huge step forward for sustainable filmmaking and the agencies wish to continue to harness the power of the sun for future campaigns.

This article was originally published on StopPress.

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