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The Kanye West x Idealog collab needs to happen

We get it: Yeezy VC is going to be doing big things. Food, clothing, shelter, communications… big stuff.

But we have an idea for something else you should invest in: New Zealand. Your apparent new friend/potential business partner (and now a New Zealander, we might add) Peter Thiel did that, and it’s paid off pretty well for him.

Like you, New Zealand pushes the boundaries. We make our own way. We don’t take no for an answer. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We’re bold, but we know when to be humble about it, too.

Think about it: it’ll CHANGE THE GAME.

We had to put that in caps because THE TRUTH IS BOLD. Steve Jobs, Phil Knight, Mark Zuckerberg, LeBron James, Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Jesus… they all took risks. Sometimes, they failed. But hardly anyone remembers that, because their risk-taking paid off. We remember them because they’re legends.

You, of course, are a man genius who’s taken risks, too. As you know, if you want to succeed in business, you have to put your hard-earned money and reputation on the line, take no prisoners, and give it all you’ve got while assembling the very best (and certainly the smartest) team possible.

We can help. After all, you’re so involved with everything else, you might not have time to read up on all that’s going on in business way down in this part of the world. So, here are some things in New Zealand you could consider investing in. We’re humble folks – no thanks are necessary.


Wool shoes. You hear us? WOOL SHOES. Given your well-known affinity for fashion and setting trends – and the fact Allbirds’ business is booming – it makes sense to invest in what’re called the softest shoes in the world.

Misprint Co.

It takes 10 litres (or more than two gallons) of water to make one sheet of A4 paper, the kind that’s found in many notebooks. Never going to look at a notebook the same way again, are you?

Yeah, us neither.

That’s something the folks behind Misprint Co. have never forgotten, either. Which is why they take waste paper from businesses and turn them into beautiful notebooks. So far, they’ve saved more than 505,000 A4 sheets of paper, 5.05 million litres of water, and 3,050 kilogrammes (more than 6,700 pounds) of carbon emissions. In other words: their impact has been enormously beneficial. Literally.

If you need some more information about what they’re all about, give this podcast we did with them recently.


The makers of the world-leading DJ and music software we’re sure you’ve used more than a few times are based right here. Seeing as you’re the greatest living rock star on the planet, it seems like a natural pairing.

Rocket Lab

They make rockets that go up into space, they launch them right here in New Zealand, and in the process have seemingly single-handedly created a nation’s space industry. That’s aiming high. That’s bold. That’s having a vision, since they also want to one day send supplies to space stations. That sounds like something you need to get involved with, stat.


You know them, you probably love them, they use the latest tech to create the most mind-boggling special effects in the absolute biggest Blockbuster movies. Like you, they’re entertainment titans, pushing the boundaries of what is possible like no one else can. Things like Magic Leap will change technology and entertainment forever. Why not be a part of that, and help make even more amazing things possible by pouring in some of your considerable resources?

Karen Walker

She’s an awesome designer. You’re an awesome designer. What more needs to be said?

Laser-shooting kiwis

You’re a creative god guy. New Zealanders are creative. Let’s make this happen. Haters gonna hate.


Alright: we’re represented by an anthropomorphic log that dispenses sage business advice that lots of folks pay money to receive. We don’t mind flying solo and playing a bit of hero ball to lift the industry and get people’s creative juices flowing or sharing knowledge about how to live forever, but we’ve got our eyes on the world championship. Like Kevin Durant joining Steph Curry and the Warriors or the Avengers assembling, we get together and amazing things will happen. Let’s do it. Even the name Yeezy + the Idea Log sounds dope. Or dope as, as we’d say down here.

Like what you’re seeing? Cool. Feel free to get in touch. We have wayyyyyyyy more ideas. And we swear we’re not gold diggers.

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