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Idealog #65, The Technology Issue, out now!

If you’re eagerly wanting to get your hands on a copy now, individual copies (and annual subs) can be purchased at tangiblemedia.co.nz and selected retailers. If you need a little more persuading, cast your eyes below to a run-down of what’s included in this 150-page whopper issue.

– An interview with augmented reality book author James Russell about his latest creation, The Dragon Defenders, which he says is one of the first in the world to incorporate the tech into a children’s novel.

– Jessy Edwards takes a closer look at the world’s most modern language – Emojis – and finds out what their proliferation means for the future of languages.

– Courtney Devereux discovers how easy it is for a hacker to infiltrate someone’s online world by inviting a ‘white hat hacker’ to hack into her own.

– Jonathan Cotton explores the three B’s in Fintech trends – bitcoin, blockchain and banking – and talks to the up-and-coming businesses from the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator who are disrupting the sector.

– Can VR make us more empathetic human beings? Ben Forman and Kat Lintott, co-founders of Wrestler, think so.

– Vaughan Rowsell shares 25 predictions, worries, wants and improvements about the future of tech.

– Dr. Rosie Bosworth investigates the great food revolution that’s being enabled by science and biotech.

– Elly Strang showcases the ‘City of Plenty’ and the forward-thinking businesses that are making Tauranga a hub of innovation.

– Technology’s benefits are often celebrated, while the negative consequences are brushed aside. Ben Mack and Elly Strang give the digital revolution a reality check. 

– An anonymous New Zealander shares what it’s like to live and work in Silicon Valley – and it’s not just all free, organic lunches and nap pods.

– Jihee Junn explores the rise of – and potential uses for – Soul Machines’ digital humans.

– Maya Breen explores whether the development of AI is a blessing or a curse. 

– We debut Idealog’s first ever fiction section, featuring four stories about the impact technology may have on our future.

And Jihee Junn discovers how art and tech are converging in the form of projection mapping.

Plus lots more great content tucked away inside that we ran out of space to mention here. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your subscription today

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