Friday Frivolities: Nitflux, the desolation of Smaug, exploding bean bags, and more…

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

Nitflux is here!
So, Netflix finally hit our shores. The natural response? Nitflux! It’s New Zealand’s best streaming website, in the world! (Past seasons of Shortland Street on DVD are included with a subscription)

The Beanbag Explosion
Never more famous last words can be said: what could possibly go wrong?

The Selfie Shoe
The selfie stick is so last year, according to Miz Mooz. So they’ve come up with the selfie shoe. Heh.

Little Miss Observation’s #HobbitChallenge
Recreating scenes from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, this little 6 year old and her Shiba Inu, Kitsu, play fantastic versions of Bilbo and Smaug.

Me and Baby
We think this dad’s finally been driven bonkers by his baby daughter, but regardless, it’s just absolutely adorable.