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Friday Frivolities: Our new ‘fleg’, foldable screens, cereal only cafe and more

The ‘fleg’ referendum

John Oliver from HBO’s Last Week Tonight again took the mickey out of our great nation. Last time it was about National’s legal troubles with Eminem. This time it surrounded the future of the New Zealand flag.

Bend and (don’t) snap

Japan’s Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) recently showed off their new 8.7-inch Full HD foldable touch screen. The screen can be folded into three while still being used. SEL will be working with Nokia to further develop the technology.

Cereal gets serious

To twin brothers from Belfast will be opening up the ‘Cereal Killer Cafe’ in East London’s Brick Lane with 100 cereals on offer. The duo tryed to fund the project through crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo but only managed to raise £1,015 of their £60,000 target. The twins used £20,000 of their own money which was matched by Virgin Start Up. Below is the video they used for their IndieGoGo campaign.

Harassment experiment in Auckland city

After the hugely popular ‘10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman‘ the New Zealand Herald decided to try out the same thing in the heart of Auckland city.

Porcupine versus 17 lions. Guess who wins?

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