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Ooooooo is that a new website, sir? Why yes! Idealog parties like it’s 2014 with mobile-first relaunch

It was only three years ago that we rebuilt the Idealog website and yet in that time a lot has changed. The iPad launched and so did Windows 8 and pretty much everyone bought a smart phone. About a third of our traffic is now mobile, via both phone and tablet, and so you’ll find the site responsive to whatever size screen (go on try it!).

The world is going more visual, so we’ve made the images bigger and added full-screen galleries and video. And at the same time we’ve introduced more white space and found room for more ads too. 

The content’s arranged in a more logical way and more in line with our core editorial strengths. We’ve added better navigation around the site plus a whole new section ‘Trending Topics’ and changed our comments system to Disqus.

We’ve fixed our (formerly) stupid sign-up form. We’ve increased our tiny font size. We closed our directory, because in the age of Google directories don’t work except for spam bots. And we’ve made life easier for our lovely staff by simplifying the CMS (you’ll notice the effect in speed of loading).

And very soon, but not today, we’ll be launching Idealog Long Form, a very dynamic way to present feature-style journalism that makes the best of our magazine content but in a totally webby kind of way. And there’s capacity for much more thanks to our amazing team of developers. Big hand clap.

You’ll probably find some glitches. Please do tell us if you do, or if you want to lavish praise. It’s a work in progress. But progress, nonetheless.

Thanks for visiting – and let’s get innovating, people!

Vincent Heeringa


Vincent won many awards as a journalist with Metro magazine and The Independent Business Weekly and was twice named Editor of the Year by the Magazine Publishers’ Association for his role in founding Unlimited magazine. In 2004 he co-founded HB Media, which was later to become Tangible Media, and is a publisher at AUT Media, the publishing division of AUT University.

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