Gratuitous self-promotion

Whether you're a selfish lover of design and want your own, or you're looking for a unique gift for family, friends, staff or clients, you'd better move fast and get yourself a Bonnie Brown's winning Blooming 'Brella. Only 300 of these beautiful things are being made, so if you want to secure yours, all you need to do is specify how many you want and then enter your payment and delivery details online. Once you've done that, the Blooming 'Brellas will be in your hot little hands by mid-September. 

Waste transformation

Christchurch woman Anthea Madill has created Remix Plastic, a project that aims to confront the growing problem of plastic pollution. By setting up a small scale mobile recycling unit, Madill is able to create useful items, such as planters and jewellery, while educating others on the extent of the plastic waste problem. 

Design inspiration

Ex-editor of Wired Scott Dadich and Patrick Godfrey are the co-chief executives and co-founders of Godfrey Dadich Partners, a strategy, design, and content firm headquartered in San Francisco and the main brains behind Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design. Elly Strang caught up with them in Sydney at Semi-Permanent to talk making design inclusive, the future of the tech sector, and more. 

Taste the tech

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our community's brilliance. So as we did with our previous Lego Experiment and Log Experiment, for the just-released tech issue, we asked some of our favourite humans from the fields of art, VR/AR and hospitality to use technology to take their craft to new heights. This is an extremely (and purposefully) broad brief, but part of the fun is seeing what these talented folks come back with. Staples VR and Guangyu Li went to town on our cover and created a futuristic AR wonderland, and Giapo, the country's most innovative ice cream brand by some distance, decided to bring new meaning to the phrase wearable tech. Gianpaolo Grazioli explains why they went down this path.

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

Allbirds' co-founder Tim Brown stands awkwardly in an elevator and pitches his latest product, a comfortable, strong, customisable and carbon-negative jandal made from sugar cane.

Can you handle the jandal?

First there was a shoe made of merino in 2016. Then came shoes made of trees earlier this year. Now Allbirds has launched its latest comfortable, sustainable innovation: customisable jandals made from sugar cane. Co-founder Tim Brown tells Ben Fahy how the Sugar Zeffer range came about, how the SweetFoam material could make a dent in the environmentally unfriendly shoe universe and whether there will be any need for the classic bread-tag-to-fix-the-jandal-blow-out trick with this new range.