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Web specialists, Studio Almond complete Emma Lewisham’s new site

Studio Almond’s collaboration with Emma Lewisham and her team was the perfect opportunity for the studio to showcase what was possible beyond the average e-commerce store and create a site that would be a portfolio piece for many years.

When it comes to solving problems, Studio Almond are doing it as simply and as beautifully as possible. Founded by husband and wife duo – Alex and Monica Murton, the design-led web creatives, maximise their intentionally small footprint by committing only to projects they each feel passionate about.

With an ethos to simplify digital complexity to create dynamic online experiences, since launching in 2015 Studio Almond have become a major force creating the web presence for leading brands like Emma Lewisham. 

Having just become the first carbon-positive beauty brand in the world, there was a project requirement to communicate significant information and provide transparency around the brand’s research, business practices, and values, while improving the already high converting website.

Studio Almond felt it was fitting to create a web experience that was innovative and matching their forwarding thinking values and raising industry standards. This meant that a balance had to be struck between providing access to a large amount of information, and sales – something that many eCommerce studios struggle to do.

“We hit a few firsts on the project that challenged us, but ultimately added to what is no doubt a luxury eCommerce experience,” says co-founder Monica Murton.

To work with a large amount of content, the design studio developed horizontal scrolling pages for desktop which convert to scroll on devices, resulting in a considered bespoke experience where website users can immerse themselves in Emma’s journey.

Using a mixture of bold brand colours, adding new design elements, and showcasing Emma’s large imagery, topped off with subtle animation, Studio Almond are particularly proud of their work to elevate the brand and how it essentially informed a refresh of brand and creating consistency across touchpoints.

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