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NASA’s newest ‘recruitment’ posters want to send you to Mars

It may be one-sixth the size of Earth, but the red planet’s been an endless source of inspiration for filmmakers and scientists alike. NASA has been sending rovers to Mars for years now, but now they want to send humans—hypothetically, that is.

Originally commissioned in 2009, the series of propaganda-style posters were part of an art exhibit at the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor’s Complex. Now NASA has made them available online for space enthusiasts all over the world to peruse.

Be like Mark Watney from The Martian and grow crops in space, or traverse down canyons and put your earthly technical expertise to good use.

One poster recruiting technicians reads, “Whether repairing an antenna in the extreme environment of Mars, or setting up an outpost on the moon Phobos, having the skills and desire to dare mighty things is all you need”.

The posters build on NASA’s attempts to capitalize on the spike in interest in space travel. Earlier this year, a group of visual strategists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory created an ultramodern poster series titled ‘Visions of the Future’, also available to download online.

Although full-time Mars explorer might still seem far-fetched, at least NASA knows how to whet our intergalactic appetites. However, if Elon Musk’s comments are anything to go by, perhaps it’s best to approach with caution

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