Digital agency Resn’s new website is a feast for the eyes

Digital agency Resn’s new website is a feast for the eyes
With its slick new website, Resn scales the heights of its own interactive capabilities.

Said to be crafted from only “the finest, organically grown pixels”, Wellington-based digital outfit Resn stays true to its experimental nous by launching its own bold new website.

Featuring a pulsating black teardrop crystal, clicking down on the mysterious object takes you on a mini psychedelic journey through the company’s digital repertoire. With floating apples, rotating moons, and a bat playing the Ouija board, it’s safe to say the site is far from the visually conventional.

"It's a balanced mix of playfulness and seriousness and I feel that it's effective in expressing what we're about" says Resn's Account Director James Moir

Sure enough, the design world’s taken notice. It was one of CSS Design Awards websites of the day this week, and is currently sitting with the second highest score on AWWWARDS this year. 

"We've already had a great response, both from people that are already familiar with our work to those who are just discovering it for the first time" 

"When you're working with such a broad palette it can be difficult to know where to start sometimes, but now that the picture's finished it's great to be able to stand back and appreciate it."

With offices now located in Amsterdam and San Francisco, Resn is taking its interactive capabilities to the world. And with plans to open its first ever semi-permanent lab in Shenzen, China next week, the agency is now planning to infect the Asia-Pacific region with its gooey creations. 

Watch this space.

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