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This magical book unfolds into retro-style furniture

From unassuming book in your library…

… to cool, retro-style furnishing.

This stylish design is called Bookniture and is by Hong Kong based Mike Mak, who is using Kickstarter to fund mass production of the line.  

Explaining the idea behind the product’s design, Mak says he loves hosting friends at his place but would often be without seats for everyone, leaving his guests to sit on the floor. A honeycomb board sample that he received at a furniture fair a few years ago plus an empty space on his bookshelf sparked an idea – furniture that folds away so unobtrusively that it only takes up a small space on your shelves.

The ‘super honeycomb’ structure is made of kraft paper and is structured to withstand more than 100 times of its own weight. It expands to 14 times its original size when unfolded.

From footstool, to nightstand, Mak shows the myriad ways to use Bookniture in the video below. 

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