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Living with Jack looking to bring innovation to small spaces

The new, Auckland-based company is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Snap Jack – a table and chair system mounted onto the wall.

Philip Horner, founder and team leader, says the innovative design is to help people take control; an alternative to buying more space.

Snap Jack is made of birch plywood and stainless steel, and with the system designed to be modular, each part can be bought separately and assembled according to the client’s needs.

“It’s user-friendly, it has four hooks so it’s easy to put up. The chair frame comes with four chairs or can be up to have eight. It can be made to suit your own space…it’s a rare collaboration of furniture making, mechanical engineering and art,” Horner says.

They wanted to make Snap Jack easy and accessible, he says.

 For the colourful artwork on the front of the Horner approached Auckland-based stencil artist FLOX.

 “We needed some cool art, she’s one of my favourites.”

 He says FLOX was blown away by the project, and was keen to be involved, creating a limited edition piece with native birds and bush.

 ‘We let her decide what she wanted to do.”

Philip Horner.

Despite the product not yet being available, Snap Jack is a finalist at the Design Institute of New Zealand’s Best Awards 2017. 

 “It’s awesome to have a bit of recognition, we’re stoked,” Horner says.

John Whittington.

The aim, once launched in New Zealand, is to look to get into the American and European market.

Horner, who also runs a more traditional woodwork company, Philbe Design, started Living with Jack with mechanical engineer John Whittington, of CJW Design.

“The company is based on collaboration, and minimalist design.”

The pair met while working for Alloy Yachts, the now defunct Kiwi super yacht boat builder company. It was Horner’s boat building background that got him interested in small spaces, with Living with Jack evolving out of his thoughts on his own housing space.

“I live in a small house and feel people can make more out of a space before they look for more…Living with Jack is looking to take a lead on solutions.”

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