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Context Architects brings the outside in to Westpac

Auckland’s Context Architects and Westpac recently made it their mission to create a different kind of bank branch.

With 550 square metres of space and a fairly open brief, there were many possibilities. They were tasked with creating a design that would “engage customers in new ways and embody the bank’s core value of ‘help is what we do.’” 

The design centres around a water’s edge theme which the designers says focuses on the love Aucklanders have for their beaches and waterfront. It has a caravan-shaped café kiosk, open plan space and even a mini Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Entering the branch you cross a wharf and a wave-insired ceiling covers the interior. 

“A flock of moving red birds (recreated as Westpac ‘W’s) fly under a blue sky hovering over meeting spaces,” say Context Architects. “Amid the birds are 208 white doves – each representing one of Westpac’s branches throughout New Zealand. The birds scene, like the other design elements, is eclectic and layered.”

The frontage of the bank features 14-inch TV panels and 17 square metres of LED screens which give the bank the option to change out graphics regularly.

See below for images of Westpac’s Queen St branch. 


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