Brand new love for wine label

Brand new love for wine label

One New World liquor manager went the distance with Villa Maria’s new range of wine, Wise Owl, and tattooed the logo on her arm.

Fiona Heather, liquor manager of New World Stratford, added it to her existing five tattoos because it “was a pretty funky owl”.

“I do like tattoos, and saw the label on the front of the box and thought it was really funky,” she says. She took the box straight down to the local tattoo artist to get inked.

The designer of the logo (who prefers not to be named) says, "I'm very happy to see the work in a different medium than we're used to, and that our Wise Owl design has gained such a following."

When asked whether she’d use it as a sales pitch to New World customers, unfortunately for Wise Owl, Heather said that owing to Taranaki’s untropical climate, it wouldn’t get much of a showing.

Wise Owl is the product of Villa Maria’s marketing team who were given the reins to develop a new range aimed for a fun, informal wine which will attract wine drinkers at the lower end of the market.

We're curious: have you or a friend ever taken inspiration from a logo for your tattoo?

This article originally appeared on StopPress.