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Kiwi RTD company quadruples revenue in a year

New Zealand-based RTD company ALBA, which launched only 18 months ago, has achieved year-on-year revenue growth of over 300 percent in a saturated industry.

Created by Michael Tutty of beverage company Brix & Co, the popular RTD has been able to find success within the category and introduced something new to disrupt the industry and stand out amidst the competition.

Tutty first created ALBA after being dissatisfied with the offerings in the market once the New Zealand lockdown came to an end, giving him the idea to create a canned cocktail with premium appeal.

In the past year, ALBA has achieved success like no other, experiencing a 312 percent growth from October in 2022 to October 2023.

Buoyed by its popularity, demand and growth, ALBA has produced three varieties of canned cocktail since its launch.

Despite being priced 23 percent higher than the rest of its competition, Tutty says ALBA has been able to become the go-to choice when it comes to RTDs.

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He adds that their growth is a result of ALBA’s commitment to delivering a superior product and creating a new drinking experience for Kiwis.

“ALBA is not just a drink; it’s a story of responding to the market, operating with authenticity, and the pursuit of perfection,” says Tutty.

“We are delighted to witness the love and appreciation from our customers, and we remain committed to delivering the highest quality tequila indulgence in every can.”

To celebrate a successful year, ALBA is set to launch its fourth flavour to the Kiwi market, a Chilli Margarita.

Designed and made in two weeks, that began over a phone call on the morning of Friday October 14th 2023, ALBA’s new flavour is a reflection of their nimble and passionate response to consumer demands that have placed them as frontrunners in the local tequila category.

Tutty hopes that their journey from concept to cocktails will serve as an inspiration to other aspiring-entrepreneurs and beverage enthusiasts alike.

“As ALBA continues to redefine the way we drink RTDs, it invites everyone to open a can of ALBA and toast to a future where authenticity and quality reign supreme.”

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