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Ernst & Young reveals Kiwi Entrepreneurs of the Year finalists for 2023

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Global data and technology organisation Ernst & Young has announced the Kiwi finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

The finalists for 2023 come from a range of backgrounds such as STEM-related careers, technology, education, retail and more.

However, they all have a common purpose – creating a positive change for Aotearoa.

Across 16 Kiwi businesses, these entrepreneurs are known to innovate and create new paths despite numerous years of uncertainty.

Jason Macgregor, Director of EY Entrepreneur of the Year says the finalists are a reflection of the “evolved landscape” of entrepreneurship across the country where there is a shift in focus from driving revenue and global expansion towards purpose, inclusivity and the drive to looking after the planet.

“Entrepreneurs have a job to do in being the change agents within our society, so it’s great to see the next generation truly stepping into that role and making a real difference. Today’s world presents us with many unique challenges, which will require new ways of thinking to solve, a skill that is a key part of entrepreneurialism,” he says.

“Particularly as we face economic challenges, it is important that we encourage innovation and entrepreneurism in New Zealand to bolster the economy. The courage and resilience these entrepreneurs demonstrate is remarkable – and they will make great role models for other Kiwi entrepreneurs that want to take the leap and start a business.”

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EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year finalists:

  • Alexia Hilbertidou, GirlBoss NZ
  • Angus Brown, Ārepa Holdings Ltd
  • Connor Archbold and Matthew Herbert, Tracksuit Limited
  • Jamie Beaton, Crimson Education
  • Graeme Clegg, New Image International
  • Hannah Porter, Bear and Moo
  • David Yu, VeVe
  • Emily Rutherford, Kiwi Water Park
  • Chris Warren, NZS Group
  • Carmen Vicelich, Data Insight
  • Levi Fawcett, Partly Group Ltd
  • Mark Edwards, Edwards & Co NZ Ltd
  • Samuel Wiffin, Reveal Group Ltd
  • Sarah Balle, Supie
  • Tim Howe, Central Park NZ Ltd
  • Tim Pointer, Reason Agency & Rescue Metrics

These finalists will now compete across a variety of categories to take the ultimate EY Entrepreneur of the Year title for 2023. They will be assessed by a panel of independent judges against their core criteria: entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, impact and growth.

New Zealand’s overall winner will go on to compete for the title of the World Entrepreneur of the Year, against other global entrepreneurs.

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