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Amazon Web Services launch accelerator for Generative AI start-ups

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched its inaugural accelerator dedicated to talent in the generative artificial intelligence (AI) space.

With a mission to support the start-up ecosystem, AWS is hoping this will be a catalyst for innovation in the AI space through the Global Generative AI Accelerator.

“[We] are excited by the potential of start-ups in this region to take advantage of the opportunity presented,” says an AWS spokesperson.

“The mission of the program is to help early-stage generative AI companies across Australia and New Zealand build community & technical skills, drive machine learning performance, and raise awareness for their company.”

Through the accelerator, AWS hopes to “build and refine” all the emerging start-ups in the generative AI space through its six-week accelerator programme.

The programme consists of mentorship alongside industry leaders in the AI and machine learning industry, whilst also receiving technical support from the AWS team.

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Some of the experts involved include Anton van den Hengel, Director of Applied Science at Amazon, Barbara Hyman, Founder and CEO of Sapia.ai, Casey Flint, Senior Associate at Square Peg Ventures, among others.

In this accelerator, AWS will be focusing on the machine learning start-ups who are leveraging cloud technologies and are looking for start-ups who have their eyes set on seed-stage funding.

“You will get access to bleeding edge AI models, go-to-market strategy tailored to Generative AI, machine learning stack optimisation, and networking with industry influencers,” adds the AWS spokesperson.

Successful candidates to the accelerator will also receive benefits such as workshops on start-up fundamentals like product-market fit and fundraising and technical deep-dives and being able to join a community of like-minded peers.

They will also have access to up to $200k in AWS credits.

Start-ups in the scene can apply to the accelerator programme here.

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