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Amazon launches Clean Energy Accelerator

In support of clean energy technology innovation, Amazon Web Services, subsidiary of global giant Amazon, has announced an accelerator supporting start-ups in New Zealand and across the world.

The accelerator will support start-ups that support clean energy technology innovation through mentorships and co-innovation engagements from Amazon Web Services to help grow start-ups.

“At Amazon Web Services, we recognise that access to clean energy requires urgent action which is why we’ve launched the Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0,” says John Kearney, Head of start-ups for Australia and New Zealand at Amazon Web Services.

“Transitioning to clean energy is critical for reaching a low carbon future.”

Despite the huge progress across the world, especially in New Zealand in developing clean energy technology, a significant gap remains if the world is to meet their decarbonisation goals.

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Kearney says that the International Energy Agency has found that 40 percent of the CO2 reductions needed to shift the world towards net-zero by 2050 rely on technology that is not yet commercially deployed on a mass-market scale.

Thus, the accelerator comes at a time for urgent action.

“The accelerator is one of the many actions Amazon is taking as part of The Climate Pledge, a commitment to be net-zero carbon by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement,” he says.

“This signifies our continued intention of funding renewable energy projects and accelerating clean energy technologies needed to address the global climate crisis.”

Start-ups interested in the accelerator can apply here till January 1, 2023.

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