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New survey reveals the Gen Z impact on brands

Gen Z crave real-world experiences despite their high use of digital platforms, according to a new report examining what is important to that generation.

With an estimated 648,000 members of this cohort in New Zealand, Gen Z makes up about 15 percent of our country’s population.

 ‘Gen Z: The In Real Life Opportunity’, a report by Out-of-Home (OOH) company JCDecaux New Zealand, surveyed around 200 Gen Zs who live in urban areas in early 2023, making the “crucial discovery” that despite being digital natives, Gen Z are craving more and more real-world experiences from brands.

With 64 percent of Gen Zs connected with in-person experiences and 62 percent in digital worlds, this generation between the ages of 11 and 26 years old live a life of duality where their digital lives do not overshadow their real life.

“Having grown up immersed in the online realm, Gen Z is acutely aware of the limitations of virtual engagement and actively seeks and embraces authentic real-life experiences,” says Mike Watkins, Country Head of JCDecaux New Zealand.

Watkins adds that with OOH advertising, JCDecaux is able to tap into that duality as 67 percent say they notice their advertising in the real world and 74 percent say brands should use OOH to engage with their demographic.

A few Gen Z respondents say that while on their phone they tend to scroll past advertising, however looking up at a billboard keeps them present, especially as a generation that is considered more mobile than the standard population.

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Alongside the desire for real world experiences, the report revealed Gen Z’s outlook on the future and their drive.

Unlike other generations, Gen Z have exhibited a range of diverse interests and engagements with a wide range of brands due to their innate attitude to celebrate diversity and individuality.

With 80 percent of Gen Z embracing cultural diversity, giving them pride in their own identity, 76 percent say they interact brands that reflect this and are unique to others.

Sixty-five percent of Gen Z say that they are more willing to purchase from a brand that aligns with their personal values like their culture.

“The research shows that New Zealand’s Gen Z demographic embraces cultural diversity and urges businesses to drive meaningful societal change,” adds Victoria Parsons, Senior Insights and Strategy Specialist at JCDecaux New Zealand.

“Brands and marketers must find ways to align with Gen Z’s values and captivate their attention in their increasingly ‘In Real Life’ world to achieve long-term success.”

Not only is cultural diversity important for any brand in order to reach their Gen Z audience, but the impact on the environment is still a significant topic.

Around 84 percent of Gen Z believe they have the power to improve human impact on the environment, while 62 percent believe they can change society for the better.

Any brand looking to connect with their Gen Z audience should be aware that more than any generation, this audience has duality in digital and real life, making them more aware about their very own values.

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