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4 Day Week makes TIME100 Most Influential Companies list

The ‘four-day work week’ has become a hot topic in recent years. One Kiwi company championing this habit is 4 Day Week, which has recently been featured in TIME100 Most Influential Companies list.

The prestigious list by business publication Time Magazine, features the Kiwi non-profit, 4 Day Week in their annual list of the world’s most influential companies.

With the list including companies such as Nvidia, Patagonia, Duolingo and so much more, 4 Day Week has been recognised for their work across the world to increase productivity.

“The naming of 4 Day Week Global to the TIME100 list is yet more proof of how remarkable this Kiwi idea has been in sparking governments, companies, and not-for-profit organisations around the world to work differently and better,” says Andrew Barnes, Architect of the movement.

“It’s surprising that when we speak to people here, some still don’t realise that the 4 Day Week was created in New Zealand – we should all be proud that what started as a trial at a single company in 2018 has become a movement that is changing the world.”

Influencing companies across the world, 4 Day Week’s 100-80-100 model, where employees retain 100 percent of their salary, while reducing hours to 80 percent and maintaining 100 percent of productivity, has been recognised as the new world of flexible working.

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What first was a small experiment in 2018 with company Perpetual Guardian, has now become a topic that is pioneering a move from the old-fashioned hours across the world.

So much so, US Senator Mark Takano has introduced a 32-hour work-week bill in front of congress.

“At the rate this movement is growing, the reduced-hour approach to work will become mainstream policy within the next five years,” adds Barnes.

Since being founded in 2019, 4 Day Week has engaged with thousands of companies across the world across all industries to guide them on a 100-80-100 approach, with trials now underway all over the world in countries such as South Africa, Israel and South America.

The non-profit has expanded even further in 2023 with its partnership with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, an academic to further their research and develop their global consultancy.

This is only the beginning for 4 Day Week as they aim to make the four-day work week the new default in the working world.

4 Day Week joins the ranks of Kiwi companies featured in TIME100 Most Influential Companies list alongside educational platform Kami, who was named in 2022.

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