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Impact-driven start-ups supported by accelerator programme

Start-ups tackling environmental, social, health and well-being challenges with innovative solutions are being supported by Creative HQ’s 2023 Impact Accelerator programme.

An app to improve emergency healthcare and wait times, a novel treatment for morning sickness, and a new disabilities support tool are among the new solutions found by start-ups that are part of the programme.

Through the Creative HQ’s 2023 Impact Accelerator programme, 15 start-ups from across the country will be able to “supercharge” their ideas with provided resources and support to secure investments and build their business.

“We know that there’s a real demand for impact-focused start-up products. In 2021, our Climate Response Accelerator teams collectively brought in over $4 million of investment,” says Joe Slater, Creative HQ’s GM Start-ups.

“The Impact Accelerator programme broadens our support services to start-up teams looking to improve the overall fabric of Aotearoa. We help them get investment or launch-ready, so they can get their businesses out making a positive difference in the world.”

One start-up included is myED, a company that is developing an app to make the healthcare journey for patients simple.

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myED is working on solving the issue of “complex emergency care” for patients, says Founder and Consultant Dr David Haunschmidt.

“As ED medical professionals we know first-hand how daunting it can be for patients who need urgent care – often they’re unwell or hurt and are faced with long times or don’t know which urgent care service to attend, what to expect, how to make the most of their visit and what to do afterwards. It’s a complex and often confusing journey for patients,” he adds.

“That’s why we’re developing an app that empowers and educates patients to simplify their healthcare journey.”

With the app, Dr Haunschmidt says patients will be able to get answers to questions, understand where they need to go for care and information about alternative care options.

Ultimately, myED aims to improve the patient experience, reducing the wait times in the busy industry.

Another start-up in the accelerator programme is Volition, which is focused on empowering people with disabilities to work with their supporters and self-direct the services they use, their decisions and their lives.

“People with disabilities don’t currently have smart tools to support them to express themselves and their decisions,” says Founder and CEO of Volition, Erika Butters.

“Our app will put disabled people in the decision-making seat for their own lives.”

The 15 start-ups involved in the programme will receive support, mentoring and access to Creative HQ’s network for the next three months.

“Our job is to help fast-track the growth of these sustainable, high-impact start-ups,” adds Slater.

At the end of the programme, the start-ups will present at a final showcase and pitch their company and the impact and solution they will create for these communities.

“With the right support, these teams can change the game by bringing their impact-focused products to market.”

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