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Toothcrush’s James Hurman on toothbrushes, sustainability, the mail, and more (listen)

Top image: Annabel Hurman (right) and James Hurman.

What’s something billions of people all around the world have in common? Fingers? Toes? A universal need to wear a thick coat when hiking in the mountains?

Sure, those things. But we all also have (or had) teeth. And we need to brush those teeth, at least if we want to keep them nice and clean.

Likewise, you know all about the dental care industry, and the fact it’s worth billions of dollars globally every year. And basically everyone uses a toothbrush, too – although billions of the pieces of plastic with bristles on the end wind up in landfills each year.

And has it been mentioned a great many of us use mail-order services? You know, you buy something online and it gets sent to your home or office?

Combine all those things and you get Toothcrush. The New Zealand business formerly known as Freshbrush was launched in late 2016 by Annabel and James Hurman, mails a new, 100 percent biodegradable toothbrush to subscribers (as frequently as each month if they so choose), and now boasts more than 10,000 subscribers. It has also expanded into Australia and, according to James Hurman, there are plans to expand to even more international markets following its success.

James Hurman recently took some time to chat about the business, why the potential market is so large, how toothbrushes can be more sustainable, our love of getting things in the mail, and more. Have a listen below to what he had to say.

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