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Decisions, decisions: hot-to-trot online wine retailer Vinomofo goes big, bold and completely bonkers

The ‘Decide’ campaign is the startup’s first large-scale domestic campaign, and it’s aimed at growing brand awareness and acquisition of new members on both sides of the Tasman. To do that, the TVC explores the concept of ‘decide’ and what it is in life that defines us.

“We enter this life with no choice of our own to then be surrounded by decisions,” the voiceover states before posing a series of questions to viewers about decisions they will make in their life.

It’s enough to inspire the protagonist of the ad who decides a professional life is no longer for him by throwing his laptop to the ground before running out of the city and into the wild.

There he puts his wilderness skills to the test by hunting and starting fire, a lengthy process it would seem as his hair gets longer and longer.

When eating his catch, he has a moment of realisation that his meal would go better with wine. It’s then he heads back into the city, meat still in hand, to order some wine and reunite with his partner.

In a release, co-founder and joint CEO Andre Eikmeier said it wanted to make a big ad to show those who had never heard of Vinomofo what they have been missing out on.

“We decided to make a big ad, which is a little scary for two guys who five years ago were sitting in their garage hand-packing wine boxes for their first eleven mofos.” he said.

In total, Vinomofo has invested more than $4.5 million on a multi-platform strategy, with the campaign running on local and Australian TV as well as outdoor advertising, cinema and an aggressive acquisition campaign across digital and social platforms. 

This move comes after its past campaigns relied on social media and digital marketing as the foundation.

“Now everyone tells us that TV, cinema, billboards and a big digital campaign is what we need to reach everyone we want to reach. We hope they’re right, but really we won’t know until we know, right?” said Eikmeier.

“But what we do know is that we love the campaign we’ve made. We think it stands for what we stand for and makes us laugh, and we had a lot of fun making it.”  

Andre says the launch of the New Zealand site marks the company’s first steps into the global market and he’s excited for the company but also for the customers.

“For us it’s about finding and building that tribe of wine lovers who want to do good things in the world. We want to step up and explore and have fun and our customers, our tribe, want the same thing.”

Vinomofo launched in New Zealand in early August and, at the time, said it marked the company’s first steps into the global market. It has gone from zero to $50 million in revenue in five years, it now has over 500,000 users and it recently attracted a $25 million investment from Blue Sky Venture Capital

Vinomofo offers a full return policy that means customers can send back wine they’re not happy with for replacement, full refund, or credit. Vinomofo  also covers the return shipping cost. 

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