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Three lessons from #UBERPITCH Auckland

Kia Ora,

I was honoured to be invited by the rad team at UBER to be on their panel for NZ’s first ever #UBERPITCH event. Basically get a bunch of entrepreneurs off the street with their business ideas, they order a ‘pitch’ style Uber, and literally jump into a Uber with us and have 10 minutes to pitch their idea.

The panel they pulled together was top notch and I was very much the youngest rookie in the room compared to the very successful and heavy hitting crew consisting of Ian McCrae, Derek Handley, Rudi Bublitz, Roanna Parker, Ken Erskine, Sandy Burgham, Andrew Simmons & Wendy Kerr so was more than grateful for the opportunity. Here’s the teaser for it which funnily enough our team at FRONTSIDE quickly put together for Uber which got over 30k views in the lead up to the event.

The event was amazing and a super fun day! After the entreprenuers finished their pitches we stopped filming and then gave my feedback and we chatted through some different things to think about moving forward. Some were super nervous but they all handled it like champs. 

My key learnings from the experience for others looking to pitch ideas is the following. 
1. Clearly articulate within the first 20 seconds exactly what the product/business is and what specific problem it solves.
2. Be confident with what you’re selling. If you don’t believe in yourself how will anyone else?
3. Be extremely clear on an actionable timeline with where you want to take it and ‘details on the details’ to deliver. 

All in all a super fun day. THANKS UBER!!!!!

Here’s a few of the Pitches that we streamed LIVE in realtime.

This article originally appeared on Robett Hollis’ LinkedIn page. He is the founder of Aranui Ventures

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