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Self-filling pet water bowl: barking mad or breaking a new fad?

Just read this sentence: there is a self-filling water bowl for pets out there.

It’s one of those inventions that just screams innovation, yet at the same time makes us wonder why someone hasn’t come up with the idea sooner.

Created by the Kiwi company Heyrex, the Torus (Latin for “hollow circular ring”) is a water bowl that fills itself via water stored inside its reservoir, located around the edges of the bowl (which comes in one-litre and two-litre sizes). So every time Fluffy or Fido takes a drink, the water is replaced automatically. To boot, the water is filtered – meaning there’s no need for batteries or electricity.

Heyrex general manager of sales and marketing Kim Goldsworthy says the product was designed by David Gibson, who tragically never got to see the finished product that he invented.

“David passed away in 2011 – sadly, he never got to see one of his designs go to market.”

But before someone thinks a self-filling pet water bowl is a barking mad idea, there’s some serious accolades that would have any company wagging their tail.

Already Amazon’s best-selling pet water bowl based on Cyber Monday sales figures, the Torus was named the “Product Innovation of the Year” by the United Kingdom’s Pet Product Marketing in February, with retailers from throughout the UK voting for the products they thought were the most innovative.

“We are thrilled to be presented with this award, especially for innovation,” says Goldsworthy.

“When we launched into the US market last year we knew we had something different and that retailers and consumers were wanting innovation in this category. Receiving this award is a testament to how much our target believes in the Torus watering system.”

The Torus was also took home second-place in the Best Care & Accessory Product category at the ANIDO Trade Fair in Belgium in late February, competing against pet care products from all over the world at the 19th edition of the professional trade fair.

“To achieve this from our peers halfway around the world means New Zealand really is delivering innovation in the ever-growing pet category,” says Goldsworthy.

Alright, so this Kiwi company is doing pretty well for itself. Goldsworthy doesn’t miss a beat, saying the product is yet another example of Kiwi ingenuity.

“Heyrex and Torus provide a prime example of how Kiwis go that extra mile to find solutions to everyday challenges.”

Not bad for what’s essentially a bowl with some extra storage space around the edges.

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