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Ten* After Ten: Dreams for a better world

Have you been surprised by what has (or has not) changed in the last 10 years?

Natalia Albert: I am surprised, I guess, at the obvious: internet, iphones, how we listen to music, technology, bluetooth headphones, how much TV series have improved. Not so impressed as to why we are still believing that a neo-liberal political and social agenda driven by western, developed countries is ever going to work. I believe the scene for women, has changed, but not enough. My mum in the 80s was forced to act and think like a man; today we are more encouraged to be true to ourselves, but there is still a strong unconscious bias that needs to be addressed. I believe that we are addressing rape culture and sexual violence in the absolutely wrong way, still blaming the women, the institutions, the Government, the schools, the apps, the bars, the alcohol. But I am frustrated we are still not talking about what really causes rape: the rapist.

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Yoshimi Brett: Shifting mind-sets about the sustainability (survival!) of humanity AND the planet is challenging. Based on our continued need to consume and grow…not enough shift (change) has happened.

Louise Duncan: This country has rapidly changing demographics. I believe that will be good for business as long as cultural integration is aligned and taken seriously.  


Louise Duncan (front, right) and some of the TetraMap team fundraising for breast cancer

Where are we headed over the next 10 years?

Natalia Albert: I don’t have the imagination to see where all these technological advancements will take us, but what I can foresee is that if weak trade agreements keep being signed, the gap between rich and poor will only widen, generating and breeding frustration and anger. I can’t imagine technology slowing down, so I can only hope that humanity steps up its game in the ethics department. I wish for more responsible men and more confident women, I wish for healthier food, and closer communities. I wish for much more diversity in the mid management and managements levels across all sectors, I wish for big advancements in the climate change scene. I wish for any of the UN Global Development goals to have been met by then. I wish for Donald Trump to have not become the next US president, I wish for the war in the Middle East to have come to an end, I wish for better and healthier drug laws. I wish for New Zealand to have done a kick ass job as a member of the Security Council.

Yoshimi Brett: Regenerative development by: setting bold targets; designing robust feedback systems; caring about legacy; adding value with every step forward.

Louise Duncan: I hope we retain Kiwi values and the beautiful environment – and don’t start to focus one-dimensionally on wealth. 

What keeps you awake at night when you think about New Zealand’s place in the creative economy?

Natalia Albert: Lots of things keep me awake at night, like my place in the Wellington market as a young, Mexican, entrepreneur, and passive aggressive comments I hear because I am a young, Mexican entrepreneur. The TPPA also keeps me up at night, as does Donald Trump. Amazing people and amazing projects I am involved in also keep me awake at night. The four women’s initiatives I am going to roll out in 2016 – where sheep and milk are nowhere to be seen – keep me awake at night. Bold goals keep me awake as well.

Yoshimi Brett: I wonder how many of our young people are buying into or pushing back on unsustainable thinking, behaviours and actions – and if they have the courage to prioritise values OVER expediency.

Louise Duncan: Nothing keeps me awake at night BUT it is shocking to me there is so much unnecessary poverty. That needs fixing. Did you know NZ has a massive literacy problem which affects 25% of the population. Start there.

Natalia Albert is chief operating officer at Inspiring Stories Trust, director for Jness NZ & Australia, and director of TEDxWellingtonWomenYoshimi Brett and Louise Duncan are co-founder and general manager (respectively) of TetraMap International. 

*Dodgy counting alert: Initially, we actually we asked 10 people to answer these questions as part of our magazine cover feature to celebrate our tenth birthday. But we liked those 10 answers so much, we kept asking more people. Stay tuned for more over the summer months.

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