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Elevator Pitch: Cloud M’s Richard Gill on Blerter

What is Blerter?

Blerter is a worksite safety network platform, built to keep track of everyone coming and going on a worksite and whether or not they are qualified to do the job they are doing, from a safety perspective. 

How it works is everybody has their own profile with all their qualifications and certifications and training on it.

So let’s say someone is working at height or with a harness, you can look them up and see: Are they qualified to do that? Do they have relevant training? If they don’t, you get them down. Or, hit a button, see who they work for, and call their boss.

It also acts as a platform for companies that run these sites to integrate all the health and safety processes: hazard identification, incident reporting, safety observations, meetings and documents.

All that stuff they do on paper today, they can now do in-app in real time, and gather that information as they go.

Everyone checks into a site, anyone can immediately report stuff that goes directly to the health and safety guys, and they can act on it instantly and share that around the network.

Is the New Zealand market big enough for Blerter?

We’re passionate about keeping Kiwis safe, but as a company we’re very focused on taking our product global. You don’t invest this kind of time, money and energy building high quality software just for the New Zealand market. 2.3 million people die each year from job-related injuries or illness.

The US alone kills 4,500 people a year in workplace accidents, at a cost of $US250 billion a year to their economy.

Are you looking for money? How much?

Yep. Every company in our space needs money. We’re in market raising $5 million for our first large round to fund our US entry.

What are your impediments?

There are two challenges. One is ensuring best market fit. The problem we’re solving is complex. It’s about humans; it’s about existing patterns of culture. We need to find visionary customers, early-adopter customers. 

The second thing is executing on a global expansion. Getting the strategy right and not biting off more than we can chew.

But these are exciting times. Blerter is a highly disruptive product because it changes the whole underlying paradigm around safety. We’re disrupting a paper and forms-based system with a people-based system.

But more importantly, we’re trying to disrupt the injury rate, as opposed to just disrupting another business. 

We want to save every life we can. And we’ll build a giant business doing that. ?

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