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Infographic: Inside NZ’s trade relationship with Australia and China

Earlier this year, Prime Minister John Key launched New Zealand’s 2015 China Strategy, with the aim of boosting our relationship with China – particularly in terms of bi-lateral investment.

While Kiwi-China trade volumes are approaching those between New Zealand and Australia, investment levels are still miniscule – in both directions. For example, while Kiwi investment in Australia totals $33.7 billion, investment in China is only $1.6 billion. 

Chinese investment in New Zealand needs to grow “to levels that reflect the growing commercial relationship with China,” the Government said when it launched it’s strategy. 

“Chinese investors are unaware of New Zealand opportunities”, the Government said at the time, although steered clear of the more contentious topic of xenophobic backlash to increased Chinese investment. 

This Idealog infographic sums up our current relationship with China, and how it compares, size-wise, to that with Australia. (See the full-sized image here).

Source: Statistics NZ

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