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Snakk wins ESPN as client in new business

Snakk Media (NZAX: SNK) has launched a wholly owned subsidiary, Represent Media, tipping its toes into the premium advertising space to help companies target users of mobile apps and websites.

Its maiden client is blue chip multimedia sports entertainment company ESPN, signed on exclusively with Represent Media for the Australasian market, according to a company release.

Represent Media will now sell the premium Australian mobile ad inventory available on ESPN’s website and mobile applications such as ESPNcrum and ESPNF1. 

ESPN Australia/New Zealand Director of Digital Products and Partnerships Lance Peatey says Represent Media goes far beyond generating revenue from its fast growing mobile audiences. It is increasingly focused on offering their audiences engaging ways to interact with the brands who are featured in the company’s advertising campaigns. 

Snakk uses a range of ‘audience aggregation’ strategies, which focuses on getting in front of the right audience at the right time and place, without favouring a particular website or app that is nominated by advertisers.  

“Snakk Shares our focus on rich media and creative sponsorship solutions that will generate stronger engagement and response rates for top-tier brands that advertise with our industry-leading mobile properties,” says Peatey. 

Revenue is generated for both companies through advertisers paying to use the ad space, while also serving the ad to its targeted audiences. 

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