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Good luck to all, and to all a good luck

Much like someone eating pasta loudly behind you on the train, the start of 2014 seems to have inspired many people to move on and up.

alex walls idealogAwesome people, such as Idealog’s own Hazel Phillips, who I feel should mark her last day appropriately, by dressing in a fluorescent onesie and forcing her colleagues to take part in a grammar quiz show; the prize shall be vodka shots; the forfeit, the shame of 10,000 nations. And vodka shots.

Another friend has left her long-term gig to move cities, and as part of her leaving rites, was made to sit in the Mayor’s chair at a council meeting and broke into a local police station (to be honest, it was only a matter of time).

I’ve never really got the hang of leaving functions, from trying to sneak out before anyone noticed, to Rick Rolling my boss on my last day, to interrupting my superior part way through the farewell speech (they call me Alex ‘Smooth’ Walls), but I suspect that leaving dos come with a list of don’ts similar to that of a Christmas party – Don’t: forget to thank the people who have helped you along your way. Don’t: get drunk and list all the reasons you’ve always hated this place. Do: Destroy the photo copier.

One of the important dos, I feel, is to celebrate: what you’ve achieved, be it a series of wins, implementing new ideas or developing the correct method of collecting and containing paper clips, the lessons you’ve learned and the people you’ve met.

And while you may be sad to farewell friends, contacts, cities and that one office plant that really got you, man, the future could be filled with great opportunities, interesting experiences and gummy bears.

So, for my own farewell as a some-time columnist of Idealog, and with hope for the future, let me just leave you with this last gift – good luck to all and to all, a good luck!

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