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Three experts dish on doing business in China

Our guide to exporting to China and southeast Asia went gangbusters, so our publisher Vincent Heeringa spoke to three experts for their take on doing business in China. 

BNZ’s ?Head of Asia Desk Paul Gestro reminded us that it can be a lonely place to be, so it’s vital to seek advice and never underestimate how long it might take to get up to speed on the local environment and product fit.

AUT’s Peter Enderwick spoke about maintaining control when doing business in China, the different expectations in complex markets, and the importance of delivering value for money. What resources will you need, and where will they come from – your core business, or elsewhere?

Finally, AJ Park’s Anton Blijlevens discussed the importance of registering trademarks early, since missing out can be costly (even the iPad is not immune), and the challenges of using manufacturers overseas. 

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