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John Demartini’s top tips on finding flow, beating fear and scaling up

Need some Monday morning inspiration? Business and behavioural expert and author Dr John Demartini spoke to us last week from Sydney. Here’s what he had to say about identifying your entrepreneurial purpose, overcoming the fear of failure and scaling up your startup.

dr john demartini idealog advice for entrepreneurs?How to identify your purpose

Every human being lives by a set of priorities, a set of values. The thing that is most important, that they are spontaneously inspired to act on, what nobody has to remind them to do and they can’t wait to get up in the morning to do – finding out what that is is the key to what you might call ‘awakening their purpose’.

Finding out where the greatest need in the market is, the greatest challenge the world is facing, is the key. It’s about first identifying the pathway for the entrepreneur, it’s about serving other people’s needs.

Find out what’s most meaningful to you and what’s needed by most people to find the niche to concentrate your entrepreneurial energies toward. 

Overcoming the fear of failure in your business 

Fear is a byproduct of fantasy. If you don’t have a clear pathway, and a fantasy where you assume you know what people really need, you’re going to live in fear. 

If you get really clear about what the product, service, idea is, and match the needs so that you’re prioritising your daily actions to fill it, you won’t have time for fear. 

Scaling up your startup

You can only grow as far as you prioritise, streamline and delegate. Ask yourself on a daily basis … what is the highest priority action step I can take today for the highest return? If you find out what each thing you do in a day produces, you can discern what you can delegate and hire people more skilled and understanding of that particular thing.

If you surround yourself with people greater than you, you become greater. There’s an old statement that says ‘A’ leaders surround themselves with people greater than them and ‘B’ leaders surround themselves with people who suck up to them, who in turn hire people who suck up to them and create this chain reaction of incompetency. 

The customer is just as valuable to you as you are to them. Pay attention to them, listen to those needs, serve those needs. Develop a relationship that lasts a long time. Long-term vision always pays more than immediate gratification. 

When you’re living in alignment with your highest values, you have the most ability to endure what it takes to fulfil your business purpose. Give yourself permission to do something extraordinary … Give yourself permission to have a global vision. 

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