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Clean Paleo on crowdfunding drive

Kiwi cricketer Mitchell McClenaghan and entrepreneur Ryan Kamins have teamed up on a new health food brand, Clean Paleo, and are hoping to crowdfund $100,000 to push the range into the Australasian, American and European markets.

Kamins became a fan of the Paleolithic lifestyle after battling years of health issues and after meeting Mitchell on the set of TV show Spartacus was introduced to the Paleo diet (aka the caveman diet).

“Since being on the diet, my symptoms have reduced dramatically and it worked much better for me than any medication I took ever did. I now realise how important diet is for not just physical health, but overall wellbeing,” says Kamins. “I am extremely passionate about the diet and our company, and hope that Clean Paleo can help everyone.”

Frustrated by the lack of breakfast options, particularly uncooked options, for his new Paleo lifestyle, the first Clean Paleo cereal product was created in early 2012. The range now includes Natural Biltong, Original Crunch Cereal, Fruit Fusion Cereal, Native Vanilla Protein, Exotic Mocha Protein and Island Mango Protein. 

Clean Paleo is stocked in the likes of Huckleberry Farms and Farro Fine Foods. The team aim to crack the American market in the next 12 months.

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