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AI helps Kiwis engage with te reo Māori by watching TV

Media intelligence company, Isentia, is advancing its TV and radio monitoring service with an AI-powered speech recognition capability and tangata whenua staff.

Isentia is hoping to make the news media landscape a more inclusive with an updated technology which is set to “see the full picture” across te reo Māori programming.

Across programming such as Whakaata Māori, Te Karere and Radio Waatea, Isentia’s monitoring platform will allow audience to fully understand the news cycle through their monitor, learn, transcribe, analyse and share features.

“New Zealand’s Māori media landscape continues to evolve and grow audiences, just as more New Zealanders embrace te reo. This is a significant investment in our capability, and one that reflects our deep respect for this national taonga and the importance of amplifying te reo and connecting with audiences through shared language,” says Raquel Climent, Isentia NZ Country Manager.

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The monitor feature looks at a more comprehensive monitoring coverage across te reo programming where it the keyword recognition will be more inclusive across English and te reo Māori.

The learn feature allows for te reo content to be translated into English in real time, creating greater accessibility for organisation’s stakeholders.

Alongside real-time translation, the transcribe feature will allow for real-time speech recognition translations for te reo content and interviews.

The analyse feature gives audiences a better understanding of the impact of te reo articles and segments and how to engage after.

Finally, the share feature gives stakeholders and audiences the ability to engage with the content event if they don’t speak or read te reo Māori.

“This kaupapa is about ensuring that our customers can continue to effectively monitor desired keywords and phrases across a diverse and evolving media landscape – and it’s just the beginning,” says Climent.

For Isentia, the introduction of this technology comes following the use of this in the Southeast Asian region where it is aiming to deepen its capability in indigenous language markets.

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