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Investment company Forsyth Barr supports fintech app, Tempo

An emerging fintech app has made its debut – introducing Tempo, a platform backed by the expertise of New Zealand’s investment firm, Forsyth Barr.

Tempo is a new investment app aiming to support Kiwis on the path to wealth through advice and a customised journey.

Through the new app, Kiwis will be able to invest their money according to their financial goals.

With four out of five Kiwis worried about financial security in the long-term, the apprehension is particularly strong among younger generations. A staggering 90 percent of 18 to 30-year-olds are worried about their financial future. In light of this, Tempo is all about building wealth.

Tempo is said to be a simplified investing process with a range of funds, financial advice and guided investing.

Head of Tempo, Blair Willems, says the app was built first to remove key barriers that arise when it comes to investing such as apps where customers are typically left to select companies and funds they wish to invest in without any advice.

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Willems adds this can leave people unsure on where to start and how to move forward in their investment journey and can ultimately leave them to make poor decisions.

“Tempo seeks to address these problems by providing guidance and confidence on which investments are right for them,” says Willems.

Forsyth Barr is supporting Tempo on this, despite being a stand-alone entity, as the investment company believes there is a gap in the market for an app like this that offers access to guided investing.

Managing Director of Forsyth Barr, Neil Paviour-Smith, says that they helped establish Tempo as they believe it will appeal to a broad spectrum of Kiwis and makes their expertise easily accessible.

“Our investment expertise is delivered seamlessly through the app starting with a carefully selected range of funds, aiming to deliver a diversified portfolio that can be customised to each customer and their journey,” says Head of Wealth Development, Chelsea Leadbetter.

“Tempo also allows customers to choose which funds they wish to invest in should they opt not to receive or follow the investment advice.”

Currently, Tempo is in its early access phase before opening up to the wider public.

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