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Māori-owned technology companies grow

Toi Hangarau, a state of the sector report on Māori-owned technology companies, lists 72 technology companies owned by Māori in a 107-page report to show the growth of the industry.

The report highlights the growing ecosystem of start-ups all the way through to mature companies including their funders and investors who support the growth of Māori tech workforces.

“Growing skills inside these companies is working but the companies need more support from government and funders to scale, and to help the country meet its future workforce and economic goals,” says CEO of Pāua Interface Robyn Kamira (Te Rarawa).

Toi Hangarau brings together business, financial, workforce, economic, environmental and cultural information into one place providing detailed benchmark data, analysis and insights on Māori-owned technology companies.

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The report revealed that 72 companies all together have employed a total of 1310 people across the country, with an average of over 18 staff.

Sixteen of the companies have employed an average of 32 percent of Māori staff, 22 percent are technology workers compared to just four percent Māori in the country’s overall IT workforce.

The report also looks into the top earners of all 72 companies who share their revenue ranges, markets and alignment with global technology trends.

The top nine earners earned between $5 million and $73 million, with most operating internationally and all together employing almost 400 employees.

“We intend for Toi Hangarau to be a regular benchmark for Māori-owned tech companies, and to help their owners, funders and investors get a clear view on how they can invest wisely for high-value returns,” says Kamira.

The report also includes recommendations to investors and funders on how they can support Māori-owned tech companies to succeed, build and make significant impacts in the country’s economy.

To access the report, check it out here.

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