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New rideshare service hits Auckland’s streets

Set to make ridesharing more affordable, Auckland will be welcoming world-leading transportation platform DiDi at the beginning of November and will be offering unlimited 50 percent off ride fares for four weeks to rideshare users.

Priced up to ten percent lower than comparable services, DiDi can be accessed through an app, which users can sign up to and access competitive pre-launch offers. Furthermore, Kiwis will receive $20 value in ride share vouchers for every friend they successfully refer to the platform.

As well as providing customers with a cheap way to travel, DiDi is also commited to supporting its Auckland driver-partners, who will have access to a low 5 percent service fee for the remainder of 2020. In 2021, DiDi will inroduce its tiered driver programme ‘DiDi advance’ which will provide driver-partners with an industry leading average services fee. Drivers can also increase their income through the platform’s refferal programme, earning up to $4000 for successfully referring 300 riders.

“We are just two weeks away from introducing our safe, reliable and affordable rideshare service to New Zealand and have so far received a tremendous reception from the New Zealand rideshare community, largely seen by the strong initial sign-up of driver-partners to the platform. We are en route to hitting our driver targets well before launching in Auckland next month,” says DiDi Australia and New Zealand general manager, Lyn Ma.

DiDi estimates that it has currently signed up around 80 percent of Auckland’s active ride share drivers as local drive-partners look to capitalise on the service’s signup and long-term incentives.

Ma says the launch of DiDi has come at a time where local can best take advantage of the offers.

“Summer is approaching, Covid-19 recovery is on track and there is plenty to do in Auckland. We look forward to serving New Zealand with the aim of becoming its preferred rideshare service.”

DiDi can be downloaded from both the Apple Ap Store and Google Play.

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