Megatrends: Vodafone's CTO Tony Baird on why the rise of the machines need not be a scary prospect for New Zealand

A future incorporating the Internet of Things is closer than we think. Billions of “machines” will be talking to one another autonomously, without human intervention. This prospect is all at once exhilarating and exciting.

What does the rise of machines phenomenon mean for New Zealand, specifically? Tony Baird, CTO of Vodafone, is excited about machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and is potential benefits for New Zealand.

In this video, he shares his thoughts on what Vodafone is doing in the M2M space and how New Zealand can benefit from applying smart machines.

The revolution of M2M is already affecting different sectors of the economy. The most immediate example is that of power meters. Historically, meter readers have to get in trucks or van, and drive around reading power meters. It’s no longer necessary. In New Zealand, one in every two homes are already powered by smart meters, giving consumers the ability to achieve power saving by monitoring consumption, and remotely controlling power use. 

New Zealand can also benefit greatly from leveraging the power of M2M to improve its prowess as a rural-based economy in widespread applications ranging from monitoring milk output to logistics management.

The beauty of M2M: The tyranny of distance and geographic isolation will no longer be debilitating factors for the economy.

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