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Bell Labs puts thousands up for grabs for ideas that imagine the future

Kiwi innovators have the chance to tell the world about their entrepreneurial ideas as part of the Bell Labs prize.

The competition hunts out 10 ideas in the ICT field, including related software and apps, that “have the potential to change the way we live, work and communicate with each other”, the organisation says.

The categories include web applications, cloud services, network architecture, wireless systems, data privacy coding theory and many more.

Richard Fraser, Alcatel-Lucent New Zealand head of emerging technology and commercialisation, said Kiwi innovators and researchers are well placed to benefit from the global prize program. 

“We are a nation of innovators, with an instinct for collaboration and a strong direction in connecting our physical and digital worlds.”

“The Bell Labs Prize will reward game-changing ideas that have the potential make a real impact, to change the way we live, work and communicate, collaborate and connect with each other. The winners will gain not just financial reward but an important boost to refine their idea and increase its chance for commercial success.”

The prize is open to anyone in one of the over 40 countries where the prize is registered and the entrant must be unencumbered by IP restrictions such as those imposed of an employer.

The three winners might be given the opportunity to work with Bell Labs to realise their project. The first prize is $100,000, with $50,000 for second prize and $25,000 for third.

The ideas will be evaluated according to innovation potential and the novelty of the proposal, technical merit and feasibility. The 10 finalists will also be judged on commercial value and business impact. 

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