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The Wrap: 21 May

Pro illustrator? There’s an app for that

Many of us remember sketching line drawings from colouring books using tracing paper. Now that concept is all grown up and ready for the social media world with Sketchvid, a cool new app that turns your doodles into video clips. If you’re arty you can draw your own creation freehand. Otherwise you can draw on a photo you’ve taken on your phone, or trace over one. If you want a video to share on Instagram, each stroke you draw with the pen tool is recorded and speeded up to fit into a 15 second movie.

Nice day for a laser cut wedding

Lots of creative projects hit Kickstarter and a recent one from the US involves stationery with a difference. Avie Designs makes wedding stationery from paper cut with lasers. Gone are the days of the boring card, it seems, as these are paper cutouts aren’t your average. And they’re not limited to invites, there are programmes, posters, menus and favour labels as well.

Canine games

We all think our pet is clever, but now there’s a way to put that belief to the test. Clever Pet is a game console for your pooch and it’s all about entertaining and teaching your dog new tricks while you’re out during the day. The wi-fi system can be controlled via your smartphone and has three touchpad which light up for your dog to tap with its nose or paw. The dog gets food for touching the pads and the challenges get more difficult as each is mastered. Obsessive pet owners can track their dog’s progress remotely and adjust the games according to its ability. Whatever happened to the simple fun of chasing a ball?

Google Glass reports

CNN’s wearable tech fever is hotting up with a feature in its iReports service that lets Google Glass wearers share photo and video straight from the device. When users take a photo or shoot a video and enter the Share menu, they get a menu option to share from Glass. Only those using Glass’ more recent Explorer Edition device, released last year, have the opportunity to beam up their content. Citizen journalism has never been so real.

Amanda Sachtleben is an Auckland writer and social media type, who's also Idealog's former tech editor and business journalist.

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