Silicon Valley

Reality check

Entrepreneurship is well known for having a culture of grinding towards success, with workaholics like Elon Musk and Tim Cook held up as successful modern-day superheroes. However, this same culture has given way to serious concerns around founder mental health, both here and further abroad. BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring opens up about his experience with anxiety and depression, and shares some of the insights the company has gleaned into New Zealand founder mental health through its research.


The ascendance of New Zealand’s technology sector as a key driver of our economy’s success cannot be ignored. But for our success stories to build something better than just another Silicon Valley of the South Pacific, they need to make changes now to be better at the one thing Silicon Valley keeps failing at - diversity in the workplace, urges Xero’s Craig Hudson.


We live in a time of company name crisis. When all the good ones are taken, creativity is required, hence the increasingly ridiculous names of start-ups, with their missing vowels, their additional 'ly's', their intentional misspelling and their ability to signify absolutely nothing about what the company actually does. With that in mind, Wired got the stars of Silicon Valley together to find out if they could guess what a bunch of real start-ups did.