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Catherine Emerson

Catherine Emerson is the head of marketing and customer strategy


Natalie Ferguson is the co-founder of Wellington-based digital investment platform Hatch and


Richard Conway is the founder and CEO of searching engine optimisation company, Pure SEO. He is also on the board of The Well Foundation

Charlotte Lockhart is the chief executive officer of the 4 Day Week, and her husband Andrew Barnes is the founder of Perpetual Guardian, the company that's

Dil Khosa is working on multiple projects in the tech ecosystem, from operations and people at Mentemia, a mental wellness tech organisation, to being a NZ

Samantha Gadd is the founder and managing director of Humankind and a director of its sister company, Kin. Humankind is a consulting business providing

Olie Body is one of many progressive w?hine paving the way for business and culture. She is the brains behind the W? Collective, a social

Alex Bartley Catt is the founder of artificial intelligence company, Spacetime. He has also previously founded multiple businesses, The Lucid Collective, a New Zealand

Scotty Baragwanath is the founder of ?Blue Frog Breakfast, a New Zealand breakfast company with all natural ingredients that creates breakfast cereals in food-grade concrete mixers, as

Sonya Williams is the co-founder, director, and chief product and marketing officer at popular investment platform, Sharesies. The low barrier investment company has seen success

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