25 things with Claudia Batten, part two

Claudia Batten is an entrepreneur who lives in the United States where she’s built several technology companies: Massive Incorporated, which sold to Microsoft, and Victor & Spoils, which sold to global advertising company Havas Worldwide. She’s passionate about technology and creating businesses of the future, working tirelessly with countless New Zealand tech companies as advisor and mentor. She’s spent the last three years working with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise as their North American regional director and is currently a director of Serko (an online travel booking tool) and digital advisor to the board of Westpac New Zealand. In part two, she shares five things that she predicts for 2038. 

Five things I predict for 2038

  • Everything we know about health and wellness will have changed, and we will be obsessing much more over our gut bacteria than our blood pressure.
  • Interruptive advertising will be a thing of the distant past (please, it MUST have happened by now) and marketing will be a much more subtle and transparent art form.
  • Everything will be automated and intelligent, we will all have an AI assistant who orders our groceries, manages our mail, optimises our finances, helps us with legal matters and manages our bills and accounting. We will not spend a minute thinking about these things.
  • No one will go to university as we know it now. I’m still not sure about traditional schooling. Parents still need somewhere for the kids to go while they are at work, so let’s stick with University.
  • Miraculously, I will still be 27.

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