A Day in The Life: TechWomen and Mentemia's Dil Khosa

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A Day in The Life: TechWomen and Mentemia's Dil Khosa

"Dil Khosa is working on multiple projects in the tech ecosystem, from operations & people at Mentemia, a mental wellness tech organisation, to being a NZ Ambassador for StartupGenome. She's also an advisor to NarrativeMuse, the co-chair of Tech Women NZ and the former operations director of Parrot Analytics. She recently restructured her life after experiencing burn-out triggered by her busy executive career and is leading a much more balanced life these days. She shares the key learnings she's gleaned after readjusting her work and lifestyle, her daily rituals and how she reached an improved, healthier outlook on life.

Idealog + krunch.co

Tomek Bielanski, senior analytics consultant at krunch.co, has spent the last two years trying to track, crunch and analyse all the real-time data about himself that he can, in the name of wellness. What has he learned?

Ice, ice baby

A wellness craze is making the rounds in Silicon Valley circles, and it involves hopping into a tub filled with ice and following a particular breathing method created by a Dutch wellness expert called Wim Hof. Thanks to Samsung New Zealand, NZ Retail Magazine deputy editor and young, creative and stressed out professional Courtney Devereux put her body on the line to see if the practice lauded by entrepreneurs, social media influencers and fitness junkies around the world actually does increase mental wellbeing (Spoiler alert: not really, but it does leave you feeling moist and slightly vulnerable).

Raison d’être

A new initiative that offers affordable kitchen space and a mentoring programme is about a whole lot more than helping food and beverage businesses thrive – it’s also about promoting a sustainable food and business ecosystem and encouraging healthier communities. Say hello to The Kitchen Project, a story which we're republishing this as part of our Poverty Week pop-up.