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Tampon subscription service calling for pledges

The subscription service works on a buy-one give-one basis, where every order received the company donates towards its charity partner, Aviva, formerly the Christchurch Women’s Refuge. 

The co-founders are pre-selling their organic cotton tampon subscriptions through crowdfunding platform PledgeMe in order to fund their first shipment of tampons to New Zealand.

So far 215 people have backed The Monthly Co. PledgeMe campaign offering a subscription service for the delivery of 100 percent organic cotton tampons.

Founders Isabelle Smith and Josie Milton have so far raised just over $8,000, half way to their required goal of the $15,000 that’s needed by October 15.

Smith and Milton hope to raise $15,000 through Pledgeme to purchase a supply of tampons, which are sourced from Europe. They hope to stock environmentally friendly pads and liners in the future, according to their website. 

Forking out for these kind of products on a monthly basis while living on a tight student budget, the female co-founders are determined their organic tampon subscriptions will be the most affordable and convenient on the market, with a 6-month delivery subscription of tampons starting from just $45.

The Monthly Co defines itself as “a collective of women for women.” Donate to the pledge here. 

This story first appeared at The Register.
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