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How ableX made rehab (kind of) fun


Here’s the truth, as anyone who has gone through it can attest: it sucks. A lot.

The folks at ableX know that, too – which is why they’ve turned the whole process into something that’s less, well, suck.

The company develops and markets an innovative end to end software-as-a-service solution for continuous use from acute hospital care through to long term recovery in the home, a cloud-based “plug and play” digital rehabilitation system (called the “ableX”) for recovery from stroke and other neurological disabilities.   

Translation: they’ve turned rehab into a game. Pretty nifty, right?

AbleX incorporates two wireless handheld devices to play a set of therapy-focused games. The subscription-based platform gives patients access to the daily intensive therapy needed for fast recovery, and with the therapy focused games applied in a cloud-based service it means patients can use it anywhere, while doctors and clinicians can monitor and personalise training programmes remotely.

To date, the company has sold over 700 standalone device systems to hospitals, clinics and private patients, such as the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Perron Institute in Perth (the first major institutions to use it). Current investors include CureKids Ventures and NZVIF.

Oh, and the company is about to undergo a capital raising to help expand in Australia – which it hopes will allow for it to grow Down Under. And after that? Expansion into the United States – and possibly the rest of the world.

Sounds pretty ambitious. But if the Auckland-based company can gamify something as tedious as rehab, they may just be up to the challenge.

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