While founder mental health is an important discussion to have, the effect the pressures can have on the founder's loved ones is an equally important topic. BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring shares the lessons he's learnt on how to ensure friends and family are well supported when someone is undergoing a founder journey.


Entrepreneurship is well known for having a culture of grinding towards success, but at what cost? BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring shares his personal experience with the toll starting a business took on his mental health, as well as what the wider founder community had to say about their experiences.

Techweek 2017

Pushpay was the big winner at the 2017 Hi-Tech Awards. To mark the occasion, we're republishing this story about where the company came from.

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Nearly 4.5 billion people live in Asia – and the world’s most populous continent is only poised to become more important as the economies of its 48 separate nations continue to develop.