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25 things with Claudia Batten, part four

Five things you wish New Zealand would do to support the tech sector

  • I don’t have five things, I have one thing. While I do think there is money in the system to fund start-ups  and I do see a lot of good businesses get funding, I think as a nation we are very conservative investors. Many of the riskier and big idea start-ups need to head offshore for their later stage rounds. On one level, this can be beneficial as offshore money typically also comes with international scale expertise and deep networks – both which are crucial to scale. My concern is that as a nation, this also means we lose a lot of the benefit when that company exits as the money stays offshore. So I would love to see more later stage funding of companies, especially those with unconventional ideas – ‘moonshots’ as we like to call them in the US.

Five things that can be done to support tech entrepreneurs

  • Make the planes faster.
  • Make the days longer.
  • Make the caffeine stronger.
  • Make the money go further.
  • Make the customers say yes quicker.

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