25 things with Claudia Batten, part four

Claudia Batten is an entrepreneur who lives in the United States where she’s built several technology companies: Massive Incorporated, which sold to Microsoft, and Victor & Spoils, which sold to global advertising company Havas Worldwide. She’s passionate about technology and creating businesses of the future, working tirelessly with countless New Zealand tech companies as advisor and mentor. She’s spent the last three years working with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise as their North American regional director and is currently a director of Serko (an online travel booking tool) and digital advisor to the board of Westpac New Zealand. In part three, she shares five things she wishes she wishes New Zealand would do to support the tech sector and five things that can be done to support tech entrepreneurs. 

Five things you wish New Zealand would do to support the tech sector

  • I don’t have five things, I have one thing. While I do think there is money in the system to fund start-ups  and I do see a lot of good businesses get funding, I think as a nation we are very conservative investors. Many of the riskier and big idea start-ups need to head offshore for their later stage rounds. On one level, this can be beneficial as offshore money typically also comes with international scale expertise and deep networks – both which are crucial to scale. My concern is that as a nation, this also means we lose a lot of the benefit when that company exits as the money stays offshore. So I would love to see more later stage funding of companies, especially those with unconventional ideas – ‘moonshots’ as we like to call them in the US.

Five things that can be done to support tech entrepreneurs

  • Make the planes faster.
  • Make the days longer.
  • Make the caffeine stronger.
  • Make the money go further.
  • Make the customers say yes quicker.

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